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Decorate your restaurant with recycling equipment

It is because this is the trend in recent years and it does not seem to decrease with time that I have decided to talk to you here, about decorating your restaurant with recycling’.

At first glance, this may seem easy, but recovery requires a certain amount of know-how, and here are some rules:

Choose furniture that matches your theme

This is certainly the first rule you will have to follow if you want to decorate your restaurant with recycled furniture.

If you have a rather relaxed atmosphere, then it is wise in this case to contrast slightly and offer recycled furniture that has a certain cachet.

Indeed, not all recovery furniture is equal. Be careful not to make your decoration wobbly by inserting all kinds of objects that have no aesthetic connection between them. The most important thing is to respect the general harmony of your restaurant and the furniture itself.

For example, if you have decorative items from antique dealers, then yes, salvaged furniture can effectively enhance your initial decoration.

Choose solid and durable equipment

Often the problem with salvaged equipment is that it is often lightly retyped. These are products that, although they bring a certain aesthetic appeal, can sometimes prove to be very unsound.

It would be a pity to invest in objects that will not last long. So, it is a question of choosing the best furniture and materials that are most resistant to outdoor conditions (rain, humidity, heat).

Be careful not to do too much “recovery”.

As in cooking, decoration is a matter of degree and nuance. If you choose to decorate your restoration with recycled furniture, pay attention to the quality of this furniture.

The important thing is not to fall into the very light decoration that would remind your customers that you yourself have tinkered with the furniture.

Of course, if you are a good restaurateur, a good carpenter and a good handyman, nothing prevents you (on the contrary) from displaying your furniture in your restaurant as long as it fits well into the general theme.

Choose the right spaces

Most restaurateurs who choose to furnish their restaurants with objects of recovery do so in more or less suitable spaces.

For example, terraces generally dress well with salvaged furniture, giving restaurants a certain atmosphere and customers generally appreciate personalized decorations.