Oxford's Restaurant

Visit Oxford, a little English gem.

Oxford, you’ve necessarily heard of it. Famous university town only 1 hour from London, it is a small jewel of culture and architecture. Essential in the discovery of England, I will take you to Oxford in one day.

One of the most prestigious universities in the world, Oxford University is, to be more precise, the oldest university in England and the whole Anglo-Saxon world. Its creation date is not known but the oldest traces of teaching at Oxford University date back to the 11th century. Not very young, therefore, which only makes it more glorious and impressive, as does the entire city.

From Paddington Station, Oxford is only an hour from London, and once you arrive at Oxford Station, you can easily do everything on foot, the station being only about 10 minutes from the city centre, which allows autonomy throughout the day, very enjoyable.

Visit Oxford in one day

From one college to another

From the very first steps in the city, the river, the fine architecture of the beige stone buildings, the civility of the people, the tourists who create an international atmosphere, you feel immediately disoriented. It is impossible not to succumb to the city’s very British “so chic” charm.

Start the day with a stroll through the city centre, stroll through the pedestrian streets, the covered market and let yourself be carried away by the atmosphere of this perfect city… Take your first English breakfast break or lunch in one of the English pubs or if the weather allows, go have a picnic in the university park by the river… Just too cute!

As you enter the park, you will pass, without realizing it, past some of Oxford’s most important monuments, including the Oxford University Museum of Natural History (above), as well as many colleges. One day doesn’t leave much time to really dig, but no matter how beautiful the ride is, it’s enough to amaze you.

Bucolic walk in the university park

The university park is a great haven of peace… It is like being in the countryside. Space, green again and again, and at the end, the river, the little bridge, the weeping willows, the calm, and as a bonus, little benches with messages full of love and optimism… What more could you ask for!

In the park, walk along the river to the centre, enjoy the city centre once again and visit the city’s must-see place, Christ Church.

Christ Church, between prestige and history

Christ Church is both Oxford Cathedral and the largest of Oxford University’s buildings, and for the record, one of the places in which Harry Potter was shot. Another striking anecdote is that Alice in Wonderland was written to Christ Church by a math professor at Oxford University (under the influence of a few substances as you might expect), himself a former university student. Stained glass windows pay tribute to the famous tale… Will you be able to decipher the symbols that refer to it?

The Hall

The Hall, is the Oxford student canteen that inspired the Harry Potter canteen, and was completely rebuilt in the studio to shoot the film scenes. Do you remember yours in your college/study school/faculty/business school or something else? Well, there you go, nothing to see… In Oxford, even going to the canteen is great class… A must if you want to visit Oxford.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to visit the classrooms, which we can only imagine, are busy. However, if you want to immerse yourself in the Oxford experience, it is quite possible to attend 1 hour of classes.

To sum up, visiting Oxford is a breath of fresh air to cut off London life for a day and dive into the heart of English culture. It is also a fascinating city, rich in history and cultural landmarks as well as being very pretty.